What Next?

You are living and working abroad –– and doing fine. You have settled into a new home and routine. You feel healthy, safe and secure.  You get your job done — despite cultural differences — and are enjoying  new friends, new activities, new foods and have a list of exciting places to visit and things to do on the weekends. You have adjusted, adapted well enough, found a new balance and can quite easily float along until you go home, or move on.

Could there be more? When you are packing up your bags to leave,  what will have made this experience a successful or even transformative one? What will you do to make that happen?

Why survive when you can thrive be on purpose even if you are on another continent, use the experience to become a wider, higher, deeper and more global version of yourself.

Contact me to co-create a program for personal growth and development that begins where you are and supports an upward climb towards where you want to be.


I felt a bit nervous about the first session, but that abated quickly. I soon realized that coaching is about working with what you’ve got and not recreating oneself from scratch. The positive surprise was that looking back, I see that in improving one area of my life, others benefited too.
—Estelle, Publishing Professional, South African in Italy

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